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cheap flights to Taipei Taiwan

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cheap flights to Taipei Taiwan

Cheap Flights to Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is said to be the country’s most dynamic city while some also say it is Asia’s most laid-back capital city. Despite being a country’s capital city, it is often overlooked as a destination of choice when planning a trip to Asia making it amongst the most underrated Asian destination. There is a lot to explore and discover in Taipei because it is a city teeming with things to do, see and eat.

Two main airports serve Taipei:

  • Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Airport (TPE) – The largest and busiest airport in Taiwan, it is located approximately 40 kilometres from the city centre. A taxi ride from the airport to Taipei Station would cost between TWD2,000-2,500 (MYR290-350) and take around 30 minutes of travel time. A cheaper alternative would be to take the Taoyuan Metro for TWD142-185 (MYR20-26) but for a longer travel time of about 55 minutes. Airlines that operate from the airport include full-service airlines – Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air and China Airlines – as well as low-cost airlines such as AirAsia and Scoot/Tigerair.
  • Taipei Sung Shan Airport (TSA) – Also known as Taipei Songshan Airport and Shungshan Airport, it is located approximately 5 kilometres from the city centre. A taxi from the airport to Taipei Station would take only 5 minutes of travel time and cost TWD210-260 (MYR30-40). Airlines operating flights from this airport include ANA (All Nippon Airways), Japan Airlines, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines and Xiamen Airlines.

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Best Time to Visit Taipei

The best time to visit Taipei would be during fall or autumn when the weather is more tolerable in its sub-tropical climate. The autumn months of September to November are cool and dry with an average temperature of 21-27 degrees Celsius. It also considered an off-peak travel season so you can find cheaper flights and accommodations during this period.

Winter season from December to February is also a good time to visit as these are the driest and coolest months of the year. Cold weather in Taipei rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius. The season usually has an average temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius. If you are visiting during this season, try to avoid the Chinese New Year period as it can get crowded, pricey and some establishments may close over the holidays.

March to May is spring season in Taipei, and while the average temperature is tolerable at 18-24 degrees Celsius, it is the wettest period of the year. However, this should not deter you as there are many activities to do indoors while in Taipei. March is also when cherry trees begin to blossom, so it will be a beautiful sight to see.

Summer months from June to August will be hot and muggy. Average temperatures can go as high as 35 degrees Celsius with high humidity. These months are also prone to typhoons or tropical cyclones which can cause roads to be inaccessible. Despite the weather, summer is considered to be a peak travel period as it coincides with the school summer breaks. If you are willing to brave the weather, it will still be a very good time to visit and observe Ghost Month happening in this season which has many fascinating religious celebrations and festivals.

Things to do in Taipei

There are plenty of stuff to do while in Taipei, here are some of the top tourist spots in the city:

  • National Palace Museum – Located in Taipei and Taibao, the National Palace Museum is considered to have one the largest collections of Chinese Imperial artefacts in the world, housing almost 700,000 of them permanently.
  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – Located in the Zhongzheng District, it is a national monument built in commemoration of the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-Shek. It is currently a popular landmark and tourist destination in Taipei.
  • Taipei 101 – Previously known as Taipei World Financial Center, it is an iconic building and landmark in the city’s skyline. The 101-floor skyscraper stands 1,473 feet tall and 1,667 feet to the tip. Go and visit the indoor observation decks on the 88th and 89th floor or the outdoor observation deck on the 91st

How much do things cost in Taipei?


  • Petrol (1 litre) RM3.66
  • 1 km taxi journey RM3.32
  • One-way ticket (local transport) RM2.65
  • Taxi – fixed fee RM9.29


  • Bottle of wine RM60
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes RM13
  • 1 litre of milk RM12
  • Large bottle of water RM5.14

Clothing & Shoes

  • Pair of Nike shoes RM357
  • Pair of jeans RM328


  • Cheap meal RM20
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre) RM3.46
  • A 3-course meal for 2 RM113
  • Local draught beer (0.5 litres) RM6.64

How much does an apartment cost in Taipei?

  • 1 bedroom apartment in city centre RM2,281
  • 3 bedroom apartment outside of centre RM3,340
  • 3 bedroom apartment in city centre RM4,999
  • 1 bedroom apartment outside of centre RM1,377

Search for the cheapest flights to Taiwan using this Kiwi comparison widget.


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