Axa Mandiri – Garuda Indonesia Health Protection (Voucher IDR 200,000)


Enjoy an additional benefit of health protection from AXA Mandiri and get Garuda Indonesia ticket voucher worth IDR 200,000 for ticket purchase through Garuda Indonesia Website and Mob App. Register yourself at AXAMandiri_Garuda to get AXA Mandiri Hospitalife health protection. Get ticket voucher of IDR 200,000 for Garuda Indonesia ticket purchases through Website and Mob App.


Terms and Conditions of Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance Product Offer:

  • This program is available to all Indonesian citizens who meet the terms and conditions of membership of Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance product as below.
  • Program Participants must fill in personal data on Garuda Indonesia website to further get Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance product offer from Telemarketer of PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (“AXA Mandiri”).
  • Program Participants agree that by registering on the Garuda Indonesia website, the Program Participants declare their willingness to be contacted by AXA Mandiri Telemarketer for Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance product offer.
  • Program Participants who agree to purchase Mandiri Insurance Hospitalife Product will receive:
    • Electronic Voucher from Garuda Indonesia of IDR 200,000 (two hundred thousand Rupiah) to be sent to Participant’s email registered at AXA Mandiri no later than 20 (twenty) working days after the Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance Product Policy is received by the Policyholder; and
    • Free Mandiri Personal Accident Insurance Policy will be sent to the policyholder’s address no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the Program Participant is contacted by AXA Mandiri Telemarketer and personal data of the policyholder is validated.
  • Program Participants are aware and agree that the terms and conditions of this Program are binding to the Program Participants.
  • Program Participants agree that any agreement given by the Program Participants to Garuda Indonesia and AXA Mandiri in connection with this Program shall not be withdrawn or canceled by the Program Participants for any reason.

Axa Mandiri Product Specification

A. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance Product Specification*

  1. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance Product Specification*
  2. Insured age: 15 days – 53 years (age at latest birthday).
  3.  4 years premium paying term with 12 years policy term.
  4. 100% premium refund at the end of coverage period.
  5. Choice of premium payment schemes: annual and monthly.
  6. Premium payment method: auto debit from saving account and credit card.
  7. No need to complete Health Assessment Form and Guaranteed Acceptance.
  8. The policyholder is Indonesian citizen (WNI).

*) Detailed terms and conditions are stipulated in the Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance Policy

B. Free Personal Accident Insurance Specification **

  1. Insured age: 17 years – 65 years (age at latest birthday).
  2. Coverage period: minimum 1 month and can be automatically renewed in the following month.
  3. No need to complete Health Assessment Form and Guaranteed Acceptance.

**) Detailed terms and conditions are stipulated in the Free Personal Accident Insurance Policy


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