Top Things to Do & Places to Go in Singapore 2018! (Discounted Ticket)


Here is a list of top places and activities that you should experience if you plan to visit Singapore this year. Check them out and book your discounted tickets with Klook today! You could also skip the line and enter directly with Klook mobile e-voucher. Thanks Klook for providing the best-discounted rate tickets, images and content for this article.

Universal Studios Singapore


There’s no surprise that Universal Studios Singapore came out on top! Who doesn’t love a theme park right? From causing mayhem with the Minions to screaming your lungs out as your world goes topsy-turvy on the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters, you’ll definitely have the best day out there!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking to conquer all the rides or just looking to spend some family time with the kids, Universal Studios Singapore has just the ride for you.

Book your tickets to Universal Studios Singapore today! These tickets are open-dated! Gone are the days where bad weather foils your plans. Just flash your mobile e-voucher at the turnstiles and you’re all set!

Gardens By The Bay


In 2nd place is everyone’s favourite Gardens By The Bay! Located in the midst of beautiful waterfront gardens are the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories. Featuring some of the most incredible structures that house all the flora and fauna species you can think of, even if you’re not a horticulturist, you’ll still enjoy looking at these beautiful works of nature.

P.S. This is the perfect date spot for all you lovebirds out there.

Book your tickets to Gardens By The Bay for full access to the conservatories and you’ll even get to skip the line and enter directly with your Klook mobile voucher!

S.E.A. Aquarium


In the words of the famous crustacean from everyone’s favourite Disney mermaid movie, “ darling it’s better down where it’s wetter”, head over to the S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa to find out what you’re missing out on! With over 100,000 marine creatures to look at, spot the familiar faces Nemo (Clownfish) and Dory (Blue Tang) as well as magnificent hammerhead sharks and stingrays.

One of the highlights is definitely the touch pool where you get to stroke creatures like starfishes and sea cucumbers! What are you waiting for? Book yourself an S.E.A. Aquarium ticket and you can enter directly with your mobile e-vouchers. Afterall, no one has time to wait in line for a ticket when there is so much to see and do.

Singapore Zoo


If you’re in Singapore, there’s no way you can miss the award-winning Singapore Zoo. With its open enclosures built to resemble their natural habitats, check out over 2800 animals up close! From feeding the giraffes to watching the intelligent gentle giants the elephants do tricks, it’s a great day out for everyone. Travel aboard the guided tram if you’re feeling lazy, otherwise, trek on foot and you might even encounter free-ranging animals walking beside you.

Book your tickets to the Singapore zoo and they’re open dated! Pick a nice cool day to visit to ensure that you don’t tire out! Plus, the animals won’t be hiding from the blazing hot sun and you’re more likely to see these creatures roaming the park.

Sentosa Fun Pass


If you’re visiting Sentosa for the first time looking to check out all it’s best attractions, you’ll definitely want to get the Sentosa Fun Pass for maximum fun at a minimum price! Get the Sentosa Fun Pass Play Max to enjoy up to 19 attractions in 1 day. Perfect for people with time-crunched itineraries looking to get a bang for their buck, from riding along the beach on a Segway to getting up close with butterflies, there is an activity for everyone! Check out the list of Sentosa activities you can do with your fun pass and plan your time wisely!

Singapore Cable Car Skypass


The Singapore Cable Car is definitely one of the best spots to get a 360-degree view of Singapore! Spot the iconic Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa in the distance amongst all the greenery as you make your way into Sentosa Island. We recommend coming at sunset for a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

Nothing disrupts the view like bad weather. Lucky for you, now you can book an open-dated ticket with Klook and head down there on a clear day!

Kidzania Singapore


If you’re a confused parent looking to break your children away from those gadgets, take them to Kidzania Singapore! Offering real-life experiences through role-playing, your children can learn to pilot an aeroplane, whip up a meal and even put out a fire.

With so many different occupations for them to try out, they might even find their calling in life here and keep them entertained for the whole day. Book your tickets to Kidzania Singapore, flash your mobile e-voucher and enter the park directly, which means no waiting in lines with restless children.

Singapore Night Safari


Who says you can only see the animals in action while the sun is up. If you’ve ever wondered what animals do at night, head over to the Night Safari to find out! Hop onto the guided tram ride to learn about these animals and catch them in action. You might be thinking, will I even see any animals? The answer is definitely yes! With lights at every enclosure, you can spot these nocturnal creatures in all its glory. Be sure to catch the Creatures Of The Night show to watch these intelligent creatures recycle and you might even be selected to help out.

Book your tickets to skip the long queues at the ticketing counters. All you need to do is exchange your mobile voucher for your ticket and get ready to get wild after dark!

River Safari Singapore


In the last place but definitely not least, head over to River Safari Singapore to check out the fluffy giant Pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. These adorable bears will definitely melt your hearts as they roll around their enclosures, it’s no wonder they made the list! Once you finally bear to pull yourselves away from these cuties, be sure take the Amazon River Quest boat ride where you’ll cruise along the world’s rainforests. If you’re feeling peckish, head over to Mama Panda’s kitchen for a tea break and sink your teeth into these cute Panda paus!

Book your tickets to the only river-themed safari in Asia and it’s all inclusive! With tickets to the river safari cruise and Amazon river quest and of course admission to river safari all in one, plus all you’ll need is your mobile voucher, it’s definitely a hassle-free experience!



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