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Rent a 4G Portable WiFi (a.k.a. Pocket WiFi) in Taiwan? Read this article before you book your Pocket WiFi device.

First of all, we will be comparing two popular options, renting a Pocket WiFi or buying a 4G SIM Card. Secondly, we will show you where to rent cheap Pocket WiFi for your Taiwan trip. Lastly, we will summarize how to pick up and return the Pocket WiFi device at the Taiwan airports, and how to use the device.

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Pocket WiFi vs 4G SIM Card in Taiwan

Before that, let’s compare two options: 4G SIM Card vs Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi


  • Lasts for 6-8 hours
  • Will not drain your phone


  • Additional device to charge and carry

4G SIM Card


  • Cheaper
  • Fewer devices to carry
  • Do not have to be returned


  • Phone battery will be drained quickly if used as a hotspot for WiFi sharing
  • If your phone has only one SIM card slot, you might not be able to use your own SIM card

Where to Book/Rent Pocket WiFi in Taiwan?


You can easily rent and pick up the Pocket WiFi device at Taipei Taoyuan, Songshan or Kaohsiung airports in Taiwan (just seek for Unite Traveler booth).

Surprisingly, the rental price of the Pocket WiFi online and offline is very different.

The rental price of the Pocket WiFi directly from the Unite Traveler booth is 140TWD/day (~ 4.5USD/day) while booking the Pocket WiFi device online from KLOOK website only cost 53TWD/day (~ 1.72USD/day).

This is a Great Deal of more than 60% Discount if you book the Pocket WiFi from KLOOK website.

What are the Procedures for Renting a Pocket WiFi in Taiwan?

  1. Online reservation: Website, airport counter
  2. Payment: Credit card, cash
  3. Collection: Airport counter, home delivery
  4. Services: WI-FI, customer service center
  5. Return: Airport counter, drop-off box, delivery service

Step 1 [Online reservation]

  • Please reserve a device online 48 hours prior to take-off
  • Reserve your device from KLOOK website

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Step 2 [Payment]

  • Online reservation – credit card
  • Taoyuan International Airport – credit card/cash
  • Kaohsiung International Airport –cash

Step 3 [Collection]


  • Customers with a reservation can collect their device at Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, or Songshan Airport within office hours.
  • Please provide the user’s name, contact phone number, and confirmation letter at the counter. The device will be ready for collecting upon successful authentication.
  • Complete the “Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form”. (No deposit is required. The card information will be stored as a reference, and the contract will lapse once the device is returned undamaged)
  • Customers that cannot collect their device at the airport can choose to have the device delivered to their homes.

Step 4 [Services]

  • Online customer service representatives are available every day of the week from 09:00 a.m. to 24:00 a.m.
  • Please contact our customer service center for assistance if you have trouble using your WI-FI router.
  • The customer service center is NOT a toll-free number. You may provide your local contact number to the customer service representative, and he/she will return your call.
  • Customer service hotline: +886-3-399-2378/+886-979-771-300
  • Customer service e-mail: mail-service@unitetraveler.com
  • Official LINE ID: @utwifi_service

Step 5 [Return]


  • Devices can be returned to any airport counters within office hours (collect and return at different locations).
  • There are drop-off boxes at Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport for after-hour returns.
  • If you cannot return the devices at the airport, please contact a customer service representative for returning via delivery service. The customer is responsible for paying the delivery fee.

How to Use the Pocket WiFi in Taiwan?

Using the Pocket WiFi is as simple as connecting your device/phone to the provided WiFi name with a password.

Final Conclusion

It is highly recommended to rent a Pocket WiFi in Taiwan, especially for tourist. You can browse the internet while traveling in the city and most importantly you will be able to stay connected to your friends and family through online apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

KLOOK allows the user to book the 4G Pocket WiFi online with a 60% Discounted Price. The user can easily pick up the reserved Pocket WiFi at the Unite Traveler’s booth in the airports (Taipei Taoyuan, Songshan or Kaohsiung airports).

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